Your Anti Curated Hostess with the Least Patience to Perfect Her Blog.  

I started this blog hoping to make it a lot of things. Fashion! Inspiration! Blah, blah, blah. The bottom line is—as an advertising/marketing copywriter my brain is literally going full-force from 9-5, sometimes 8-6 and sometimes 5-11. And sometimes my brain is spinning so much, I’m lucky to get 4 hours of sleep. It’s fun stuff, but it’s mentally exhausting to the max. Then there’s the whole living in Portland thing, which means also the whole living in traffic thing.

So when I’m not working or living in traffic, I find that the ways in which I prefer spending my remaining time are:

  • with a good book
  • finding events around town that feed my creativity
  • with my animals and fiance
  • with my own writing
  • making food so I can survive
  • or ya know, just being mindlessly comforted by Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter

I know, I’ve basically just listed every reason why I shouldn’t keep this blog, and why you shouldn’t even consider it worthy of your time. After all, aren’t blogs supposed to “inform” people these days? Like, if your content isn’t teaching someone something, then it’s essentially useless—that’s the MO these days, right? Hm. Well, if you’re hoping to have stumbled into some dazzling 2017 “content,” keep moving. If you’re hoping to find something super duper curated here, keep moving. If you are into authentic stuff, then stick around. I won’t try to sell you anything. I won’t even try to make you like me. I’d like to think that “Heather” is not synonymous with “brand. ”

*slaps the dust from her hands and walks off stage”



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