Cole: Roaming PDX in Style

You haven’t met a coffee bean-slinging unicorn until you’ve met this woman. Don’t be fooled by her “World’s Okayest Barista” pin. She’s one of the most passionate in the biz when it comes to roasting, brewing, and serving up quality coffee (more on that to come).


Next Friday you’ll get to see her in action and learn exactly what she does and why she does it.  BD8_4948BD8_4974BD8_4972BD8_4988BD8_4977BD8_5000BD8_5011BD8_4898BD8_4851BD8_4871BD8_4865BD8_4846BD8_4870BD8_4845BD8_4925BD8_4878BD8_4944

This shoot was all about Cole’s approach to life. We trekked around her Southeast Portland neighborhood, where she introduced us to the giant stuffed tiger perched upon a neighboring resident’s balcony (apparently it’s been there for years); she showed us the art adorning her bedroom walls, some of which was created by her, other pieces created by friends; and she pointed out her go-to spot for pizza and a beer, Straight from New York Pizza. The rest of the time was spent getting ridiculous in front of graffiti and dodging oncoming traffic and cyclists.

When my shoes started killing me, she offered up a pair of her own and I gladly accepted. That’s the kind of person she is. Cole’s love for creating funky art, wearing the rainbow, and embracing absurdity is inspiring—and it’s balanced by a deeper, focused side. A side that hones in on her passions and listens and cares about what’s going on around her. I hope you find her colorful way of life as lovable as I do.

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Cheers, my friend. ❤

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